Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lisa's Baby Shower

Here are a few shots from Lisa's baby shower. She was looking cute and the shower was fun. Thanks for doing a great job Bernadette and Shelly! This is a bib that Kiana made and said this is what her sister will look like! Well we hope she is a littler cuter!(Infact I know she's cuter) Kalei was born 11-4-08. She was 8lbs 5oz, and 20 1/4 inches long. She's doing great and Lisa is good. They just went home today. I hate that they live so far. Well it's not that far but with traffic, homework, practices, school, and work I haven't even seen her yet! I must be the number one worst Auntie right now:( More pictures of her to come after I get out to see her.

These were the bibs that everyone made at the shower for the baby. It was a cute game and now she's got these personalized bibs to wear and ruin!

Here's Kiana making her sister a bib. She loved this game.


Sarah Junsay said...

Yeah for Lisa!! I can't remember, was she early, late or on time? Can't wait to see pictures. She's so tiny compared to big sister!

Katie May said...

What a good idea...bibs! I'll remember that for the next shower I help plan. I can't wait to see pictures of Kalei!