Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Scary Halloween!

I still don't know how to post pictures in the correct order!! So.... anyways this is Tim and Drew after trick or treating. Drew was so beat that the last 5-6 houses we went to he stayed at the curb with me. Him and Vai who is partially in the picture were both yawning! And it was only like 9:00pm maybe 9:30. Here is all the loot!
So this is part of our mission to start having "scary halloween" now that the kids are getting older. So this clown was hanging right when we opened the door, we had the spooky halloween music playing and the lightening( or some people call it a strobe light!)

Here are our heads and skeletons and oh watch out for the fire! Zoom this one and look at the guy in the middle, somebody said it looked like Tim!

Vai, Pocahontas and Alyssa, the devil

Here is Drew playing the part of a "Punk Zombie". Tim painted his face for him too.

The Dalton Common Gang for the second year in a row. (Minus the icee, who just tagged along randomly!)

Jordan and Drew with their pumpkins.

Watch out for that creepy creature and the zombie! The creature on the left is Caleb, who used to live by us and always returns for some fun trick or treating! The zombie on the right would be Drew, and the pumpkin on the bottom had too much to drink!

Look at me... I'm so cute!

Tim never gets to get out of carving! Always has to get in on the action. You should've seen the outline that Tim had picked for Drew. Whoooa! Needless to say the face that ended up on the pumpkin was not the firey skull that Drew wanted.


Katie May said...

That head hanging in your living room gives me the creeps!

Love the costumes, boys!

jaime said...

Yeah... I'm with Katie.. those heads are pretty freaky! :)

Great costumes and I love your pumpkin that threw up, Jordan! Nice touch! :)