Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jordan's game with guests...

So this was the one game that Jordan had fans at, and he had lots that day. Grandma and Grandpa Barnum, Auntie Lisa, Kiana and Auntie Shelly, and Auntie Sarah, Uncle Joe, Jonah, Graydon, and baby Maddox. Look closely at Jonah here. Notice the stringy thing across his face. Yes that was gum that went from his glasses and wrapped around his mouth! So cute! Look again at the string on his right.

Here's baby Maddox sleeping away. I have the cutest nieces and nephews! And a lot of them, 13 now and counting!

Shelly and Lisa chilling in their umbrella chairs.

And here are the cheerleaders and Graydon. If you've ever been to a game where Auntie Sarah is watching you know what I mean. Actually Jordan loves when people cheer at half time " Way to go Jordan! Eat that snack! Drink that water!" And especially when you are so close the whole team is just staring at you and wondering who in the world cheers at halftime for the football player, not the cheerleaders who may actually be performing! He loves it. Thank you all for coming.


Sarah Junsay said...

Well, Jordan did do a fantastic job eating his snack & drinking his spills or anything. Shouldn't that be celebrated too?

jaime said...

I was cracking up at the gum string across Jonah's face... and it didn't even bother him?! Too funny!! :)