Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun!

Drew and Lina...she loves her some Bubba. :) I called him Drew and she told me that's not Drew that's Bubba!
The Lousi kids after the game. (Vanessa, Liki, Vai, Teli and Lina)

The Lousi family...just another reminder that I need a new camera! Ugh. I took three and this was the best. Somebody kept moving. lol

Here we are his Dalton Common family supporting Liki and the Spartans. We have been trying to go to one of his home games the whole season and this was the first one. Why do I look like one of the kids? (I think I might try to shrink that sweatshirt it was not flattering at all now that I see the pictures!!) These kids need to stop growing!! Notice Drew is on his tippy toes trying to look taller.

Liki and the boys. (again do not know why it was so blurry?! Maybe the flash was off?!)

Way too much action for my camera, :(
Here's Liki looking up at us saying hello! #83
Vanessa, Vai and Teli

Jordan M., Drew and Jordan enjoying the game. We all had so much fun. I love college football games. This was the first for my boys and to be able to know one of the players was even better. After the game when all of the players come out and say hi to their fans one of the players threw one of his gloves to Drew. Apparently they get a new pair for every game. Then later Liki gave his to Jordan. They were so happy, but Jordan of course has to play the cool kid now and I even had to force him to take a picture with Liki!! He's just too cool now. :)

That's Drew to the far right. They moved him this week for their final play off game to Safety. They lost and came in second to last place for the season but Drew made the All Stars so he will have one final game. Good job Bub!

Kalei's 2nd birthday party.

Aren't these two to die for! I love that they are so close. I wish I had that when I was a kid.

Kalei holding baby Jaden. She loves the baby and even if he cries she still doesn't want anyone to take him away! Jamal and Angie went to the Raider game so Jaden came with GRANDMA SHELLY!! I love saying that! hahaha This was the first time we got to see Jaden since he was born, so I kinda hogged him that day.

Jordan, the old Asian man again, Kiana, the witch, Drew, the Sumo wrestler, and Kalei was a princess. Halloween was slow this year. I hate having it on a Sunday. It should be like Thanksgiving and just be the last Saturday of the month. I love it though. Tim and Dave took the little kids and seemed to be home pretty quick. They give up so easy. Jordan went with his friends this year in their neighborhood so this was pretty much all I saw of him that night.

Getting ready.....Kiana blends right in with my decorations!

We made a little cemetery under the stairs this year too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Summer all wrapped up....

I put this by mistake and can't figure out how to delete it. We took this at my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.
Cousins hanging out at the cabin.

Jordan and Maddox sharing a moment at breakfast. :)

Cricket being her cute self as usual.
Jordan and Buster hanging out at the lake.

Maddox trying to wake Jordan up.
This was a trip to Great America we took. Jordan and his friends Spencer and Torin (with the whip cream smiles) and Drew's friend Jamison. I hung with the two little boys and Jordan and his friends split. This is the only picture I got of them right before we went home. :)

The little Drop Zone.....

This summer we took a weekend trip with my family to the cabin too. It was so fun. Lisa and Dave and the girls were not able to come because Kiana had a softball tournament that weekend, but maybe next year. I know the girls will love the lake.

My nephew Jamal with his girlfriend Angie.

Jordan at the diving board.

And Drew at the diving board.
Drew, Shelly and I. We have never rented these bikes before but my mom paid for Jamal, angie and Jordan to go. They got bored half way through so we hoped on. Now we can say that we tried them, but they are not as fun as they look.
Jamal and Angie

Shelly and Angie getting ready to go out on the rafts. Shelly was hysterical trying to get on this thing! I think it took her like 20 minutes.
Drew....are you serious mom?!

Monday, August 2, 2010

In no paticular order....

Jordan's baseball team in Omaha! They had sooo much fun. Jordan and Tim I mean. I am so thankful they were able to go. Jordan hit two home runs while he was there. Way to go Jordan! :)
This is the shot of the outdoor movie at the Championship village in Omaha! Doesn't seem like it was a great movie huh?! Well I gave Tim the camera and BEGGED him to please take some pictures for me. I got very few, they were all at night (because he was coaching and watching the kids during the day) and nobody is in the pictures!!! He's too funny. My friend did send me all her pictures though so I did get to see more than this.

This was at the college world series championship game! They said it was soooo hot, but what good timing. They saw the final game of the series and the last game ever to be played in that stadium. They are building a new one close by.
This is one of the boys looking for home run ball! They had some terrible rain the week before and this water is not usually there, but it was knee deep in some spots....and we know that because one of the Dad's and a Grandpa waded in the water to get a home run ball. :)

This is Drew's team being silly. They did well this year, came in second place.
Jordan and Grandma at his 6th grade graduation. :) He's a keeper.

All the kids from Dalton common.....sad thing is Drew will be all alone and Jordan had this whole gang of kids his age. :(

Maddox showing Jordan all the fishies (grass) in the water! He's so cute, and he loves his cousin Jordan.

Drew's team with all the hardware!! Drew was voted MVP of his team! Good job Bubba! We love watching him, he is such a funny kid. It was so hot and he actually was sick this day, throwing up in the morning so I haven't taken one of him alone with his trophies yet....bad mom.
The morning that we dropped Jordan off at the Amtrak station to leave for Omaha....Drew and I made a spontaneous stop at the Oakland Zoo. We had a good time, but for some reason the pictures never seem as good as the real deal.
Sun bear....there were two of them and this was the first day they let them out together to meet each other. I was loving watching them follow each other around and feel each other out and Drew on the other hand kept asking me "Are you done yet mom?" haha

Drew and his buddy Mateo at the Memorial Day All Star tournament.

This was one of Jordan's projects......the one that he told me a huge made up story about how he lost the report and we stayed up until 1:30am DOING!! I think he got an A- on the display part. UGH! I wanted to kill him. So, he paid for my pedicure as punishment for making me stay up all night helping him with his own money! My idea....I thought it was a good one anyway. :)
Here is Bub, sleeping at a 40th birthday party for our a restaurant...on two chairs put together....while the party went on. This boy may never grow out of this. I love it!
Spencer and Jordan after winning the Mother's Day tournament in Modesto. All smiles.
First place! Go Hurricanes!
I took this picture of my grandparents in January. They will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary this year and they will turn 89 and 90 I believe. Aren't they cute? I still have some more random pictures to add but I have this pattern of posting about every 4 months or so. I will try to post the rest soon. Now that I have finally put up some baseball pictures, this weekend football began for Drew and today for Jordan. I love that they stay so busy!
More to come......