Friday, November 12, 2010

Summer all wrapped up....

I put this by mistake and can't figure out how to delete it. We took this at my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.
Cousins hanging out at the cabin.

Jordan and Maddox sharing a moment at breakfast. :)

Cricket being her cute self as usual.
Jordan and Buster hanging out at the lake.

Maddox trying to wake Jordan up.
This was a trip to Great America we took. Jordan and his friends Spencer and Torin (with the whip cream smiles) and Drew's friend Jamison. I hung with the two little boys and Jordan and his friends split. This is the only picture I got of them right before we went home. :)

The little Drop Zone.....

This summer we took a weekend trip with my family to the cabin too. It was so fun. Lisa and Dave and the girls were not able to come because Kiana had a softball tournament that weekend, but maybe next year. I know the girls will love the lake.

My nephew Jamal with his girlfriend Angie.

Jordan at the diving board.

And Drew at the diving board.
Drew, Shelly and I. We have never rented these bikes before but my mom paid for Jamal, angie and Jordan to go. They got bored half way through so we hoped on. Now we can say that we tried them, but they are not as fun as they look.
Jamal and Angie

Shelly and Angie getting ready to go out on the rafts. Shelly was hysterical trying to get on this thing! I think it took her like 20 minutes.
Drew....are you serious mom?!

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