Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun!

Drew and Lina...she loves her some Bubba. :) I called him Drew and she told me that's not Drew that's Bubba!
The Lousi kids after the game. (Vanessa, Liki, Vai, Teli and Lina)

The Lousi family...just another reminder that I need a new camera! Ugh. I took three and this was the best. Somebody kept moving. lol

Here we are his Dalton Common family supporting Liki and the Spartans. We have been trying to go to one of his home games the whole season and this was the first one. Why do I look like one of the kids? (I think I might try to shrink that sweatshirt it was not flattering at all now that I see the pictures!!) These kids need to stop growing!! Notice Drew is on his tippy toes trying to look taller.

Liki and the boys. (again do not know why it was so blurry?! Maybe the flash was off?!)

Way too much action for my camera, :(
Here's Liki looking up at us saying hello! #83
Vanessa, Vai and Teli

Jordan M., Drew and Jordan enjoying the game. We all had so much fun. I love college football games. This was the first for my boys and to be able to know one of the players was even better. After the game when all of the players come out and say hi to their fans one of the players threw one of his gloves to Drew. Apparently they get a new pair for every game. Then later Liki gave his to Jordan. They were so happy, but Jordan of course has to play the cool kid now and I even had to force him to take a picture with Liki!! He's just too cool now. :)

That's Drew to the far right. They moved him this week for their final play off game to Safety. They lost and came in second to last place for the season but Drew made the All Stars so he will have one final game. Good job Bub!

Kalei's 2nd birthday party.

Aren't these two to die for! I love that they are so close. I wish I had that when I was a kid.

Kalei holding baby Jaden. She loves the baby and even if he cries she still doesn't want anyone to take him away! Jamal and Angie went to the Raider game so Jaden came with GRANDMA SHELLY!! I love saying that! hahaha This was the first time we got to see Jaden since he was born, so I kinda hogged him that day.

Jordan, the old Asian man again, Kiana, the witch, Drew, the Sumo wrestler, and Kalei was a princess. Halloween was slow this year. I hate having it on a Sunday. It should be like Thanksgiving and just be the last Saturday of the month. I love it though. Tim and Dave took the little kids and seemed to be home pretty quick. They give up so easy. Jordan went with his friends this year in their neighborhood so this was pretty much all I saw of him that night.

Getting ready.....Kiana blends right in with my decorations!

We made a little cemetery under the stairs this year too.


Jaime said...

Love all the pics, Karen! I am totally a blog slacker... I stink at posting and looking at them.

Can't get over how big the boys are getting.. is Jordan taller than you now? Craziness! Maybe he has been for a while, but I just noticed in these pictures.

And my favorite is how you had Jordan pay for your pedicure! I am going to remember that one! haha!

Hope you guys are doing great!

Love, Jaime

marybarnum said...

Love the update....the boys are so good looking. Their halloween costumes make me laugh! Love the family picture that you can't delete. I do that on my do you delete??? I like that you got your pictures smaller though! Good job!
We're exctied to see you all in two grandma:)