Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maddox William Junsay, 8lbs 14oz and 20 1/4"

Saturday September 20th 2008, ironically Sarah's due date, Maddox was born at 4:30pm. What a cute addition to the Junsay family. Look at these proud brothers! They're adorable.

Graydon kept saying after this picture "I hold the baby, I hold the baby Mommy" so cute. He's having a hard time saying his name though. Jonah and Graydon had come to see him Saturday night and today when we went to visit Joe and the boys came again. Jonah was so cute, while Jordan was holding him he looked at him and said "Maddox is getting bigger huh?".

Maddox William Junsay

Sarah you look great and amazing well rested although I know you were not.

Check out his cute little feet popping out of his blanket.

Here with his oldest cousin who is almost 11 years older, WOW!


marybarnum said...

Karen...thank you for the blog update...we love the pictures! We had such a fun time with your family! The boys did GREAT at football! We'll see you guys again on Oct. 11-12th. Maddox is so was so much fun to hold him...I love the babies:)

jaime said...

Thanks for all the great pics Karen! You got such good ones! Makes us wish we could be there to hold him too... give him an extra smooch from us when you see him again! :)