Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don and Grandpa Barnum's Birthday Breakfast!

Mary got this great shirt for Don, but for some reason he wouldn't wear it!? Drew sportin' his new mohawk for football season, he's so intimidating!
Drew after eating chocolate chips pancakes, huh?
So according to Grandpa he's "going to be 86 years old in a few days, and that's almost 100!"

What a great looking pair of brothers, reminds me of my boys in several years!
Graydon pretending to be shy, he loves doing that. And Matt who ignored me every time I tried to take a picture.

This weekend Don and Mary came into town for Don's 60th B-day and Grandpa Barnum's 86th B-day! The plan was to go to an A's game..... that was before we got football schedules and realized we weren't able to make it, and then Sarah went into labor so then nobody went to the A's game. Bur we did go to breakfast at IHOP for their birthday. Uncle Dave, Matt, Grandpa Barnum, Jonah,Graydon, Jordan, Drew,Mary,Don, Tim and I while Sarah and Joe left for the hospital.

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