Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drew's First Flag Football Game!

Here Drew is returning the flag he just snagged! Drew is on the left taking a great angle on the kid coming who's not in the picture yet.

Here is a surprise to you all Graydon would rather listen to a story than watch the game!

Drew's fans on the sideline having a little fun themselves.

Great Grandpa Barnum (who turns 86 this week).

Drew is so happy to be playing instead of just watching. He had an awesome game with three touchdowns and at least4-5 flags. He was so locked in that when he was out for his rotation he wouldn't even speak to Jonah! My favorite play was when he was running for one of his touchdowns and he ran right past us with his serious face on, and his cheeks were bouncing! Love this guy.

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jaime said...

Looks like tons of fun Drew! Love the mohawk too... I bet it's very intimidating on the football field! Do you have a game face to go with it?! :)