Monday, September 15, 2008

Jordan's First Football Game

49ers VS. Falcons......
I have no idea if Jordan is even in this picture?! So hard when they move so fast. Jordan #20 checking with the ref for something? Not sure of all the rules even after 2 years of watching him play already.

Just chattin' up.....look at those tiny little butts :)

Jordan is the bottom left side in this one, he is playing offense and defense this year. He is wide receiver and corner back. He had a great game on Sat. against the falcons, probably one of the top two or three for tackles.

I have to say that I might be a little more into football games then baseball. I definitely see the talent more in baseball because it is such a slow game, but football is so fast and action packed! I guess having boys suits me just fine. I'm the crazy Mom screaming on the sidelines for every little thing that Jordan does." Tim did you see that? Did you see that, that was Jordan." Love my boys.


jaime said...

Go Jordan Go!! I am cheering for you all the way from PA!!!

Have a great season... I know you'll play well! Love the jersey too... they even have your name on the back! So cool!

marybarnum said...

Seriously...Jordan looks so old...he's growing up way to fast. You're such a good mother of boys! We're excited to see him play this Sat.

sarahbarah said...

I think that all Jordan needs is a crazy auntie & grandma there to cheer for him....especially during timeouts! He loves that!