Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolution.....catch up on last years pictures! Sit down and get comfy...

WARNING: I have got to be close to if not THE worst blogger ever! I wait months at a time before blogging and then even when I do I can't seem to remember what order to choose the pictures so that they are in the correct order! UGH! Oh well bare with me....... Sepa's daughters Nofelina and Vanessa on Christmas.
Nofelina and Drew....

Nofelina and Jordan M. She was liking me taking her picture so she went around the room and starting posing with people! She said she wanted to stay at my house and kicked her shoes off. She's so funny.

My birthday boys....Jordan 12, Bubba 8, on Jordan's b-day!
Jordan loves to get cash! We got him a gym membership to start working out with Dad. He couldn't wait to turn 12 so he could start going with Tim. They've gone a couple of times already. He's getting so big!!

Just one of Drew's many birthday celebrations.

OK, so Bubba likes to get cash too. =)

Always loving on the baby cousins.

What the heck is Jordan doing? Bubba's birthday on his REAL birthday.

Jordan giving Kalei her bottle. She's getting big!

Dave and Lisa on Christmas!

DJ Hero.....

I had invited Sepa's family to come over Christmas day, she was working but the boys came over, and then later Nofelina and Vanessa stopped by as well as the Montoya's. Just as all the family left, the neighbors came. It was such a nice day!

Who knows what they were thinking!?

Drew can barely lift this girl! I'm always telling him to not pick her up. For her own safety!

Check Tim out in the background.... =)

Christmas morning!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa B.!

The family on Christmas Eve!

I think he's happy to go shopping!

This is my HOT HUBBY! Love the model pose.

Jordan and Jamal hanging out.

Kalei loves scarfs so much that she puts blankets around her neck to pretend. Auntie Shelly bought her this cute scarf that came with a hat and mittens that she wanted nothing to with. =)Too funny. She walks around flicking it around her neck.

Mom on her birthday.

And Kiana on her birthday....she's 8 too.

Jordan and Drew had a dentist appointment.....unfortunately they had cavities! Fortunately they provided us with some great laughs while they were numb! heehee

Tim couldn't resist taking pictures.

Huh?! J/K he's smiling.

My girlfriends and our families got together in early December. So good to see them all, but whoa! Babies all over the place! Weird that mine are so much older. Sarah and Jason were not able to make it...we missed them. :(

My BFF since kindergarten! I wasn't trying to post this picture twice but I couldn't figure out how to take the extra one out! Stupid I know...

From left to right Christine holding one of her twins Jordan, Madison (Tammy's daughter), TJ (Teri's son),Drew, Jordan and LJ(Christine's other twin) and not pictured here Brayden(Rocky's son sleeping).

Madison was so rough playing with Drew. She was like a monkey just hanging on him and pulling his shorts down. Wrong day to not wear a belt...who knew!

LJ and Brayden

TJ just chillaxin!

Madison and Jordan

Drew's party with his friends....pee wee golf and ice creamery.

They are the same age really! Cracks me up the changes they go through the years in their height difference. Drew will get close to catching up and then she sprouts!

Drew with his best friend Luc. Now they look the same age right? He's not a midget just compared to Kiana he looks like one.

Kalei turned 1!

Kalei showing some love for Maddox at one of Jordan's football games.

They were such good sports!

Drew and his teacher Ms. Hill. She came to watch like 3 or 4 of his games. So sweet. He loves her.

Graydon and his best cousin Jordan trick or treating.

Gray showing Auntie his cute little butt!

Kalei trying to steal Maddox's binky.

Alyssa,Maddox,Joe,Jordan M,Jonah,Jordan,Drew,Graydon,Sergio,Kalei,Kiana and Chris.Whew!

FLAV-A-FLAV!!You know what time it is! WWOOWW!

Tim, Dad, Jordan and Grandpa B. watching Drew's football game. I love this picture!

And the ones who started the birthday craze! The birthday boy and men. Oh and Sarah's wonderful RED cake! lol Sarah is getting so good at making cakes..imagine in a couple of years what she might be busting out of her kitchen.

The great-grandkids with Grandpa F. on his birthday! He even wore the princess crown that Kiana wanted him to wear. (Grandpa, Kiana, Jocelynn-Kiana's cousin,Drew and Jordan).

So now that you may not want to look at another picture of me or my family for a's your lucky day! I probably won't post anything for several months now. Maybe by then you'll be ready to see us again! Thanks for stopping by. Come again. =)


Katie May said...

Whew! I made it! This makes me miss you guys so much. Wish we could have been there for all of this. We're just missing out on those boys growing up. 12!! How the heck did he get so old??? And Drew is 8??? Gah! Next summer better come soon.

Keep em' comin!

marybarnum said...

I check your blog everyday....soooo I love it when you update! Looks like you had a great Christmas. We loved the boys pictures....thank you ...they are up on the refrig. We'll see in at the end of the month....we love you all :)

jaime said...

Great pics Karen!! Love it!!

If I have to pic a fav it would have to be Drew dressed as Flav-a-Flav... hilarious!!!

Glad you guys had a fun Christmas! Miss you all! :)