Saturday, August 15, 2009

Football season has begun!

Drew and I went to a 49er game with his new football team. He is on the Panthers this year, his first year of tackle football. Tim wasn't able to go with him due to work, so I got to be the lucky parent to go. :) Unfortunately Jordan wasn't able to go either due to the limited amount of tickets they had. The kids enjoyed themselves although they were way more into the vendors walking around with snacks than the game! :)

This was a pre-season game against the Denver Broncos. ( not like you can't see them with the wonderful zoom lens! haha)

Drew watching the game.

Now this usher with the number 8 has a story. I went with another mom and her two boys,Drew and two additional teammates in my car/care. Right after we got them to their seats I wanted a picture of them and since the seats in front of us were empty I hopped over the chairs to take the picture of the kids. A few moments later this OLD lady all bundled up comes up and acts like she has a secret for me. Little did I know on the back of that jacket it said USHER! She scolded me for jumping over the seats and told me that she didn't want all these children with me to do as I do! We were cracking up laughing when she walked away! Then as we watched her throughout the evening we realized how much she looked like Maxine, from the Hallmark cards! We couldn't get over it so I had to take a couple of sneaky photos of her. What a crack up. And for anybody over 50 who says there is no jobs for somebody their age, she is proving you wrong, she had to be in her 80's!! You go Grammie! :)

Another sneak shot of usher #8.

Notice the bottom left hand corner of the field. How did these two people score recliners on a stage on the field? Must have won some sort of contest?
Drew and a couple of his teammates.

This was prior to the game warm ups. We had a great night, and we didn't get home until 12:35 am. All the kids passed out in the van on the way home and then they had to be at the field today at 10:00 am for a double-days practice!


marybarnum said...

Great pictures....I'm glad you guys had fun! You're so right..Maxine....I enlarged the picture...totally...I always tell Don we're going to be greeters at Wal Mart but now we have other options!

jaime said...

Wow... looks like a ton of fun! Well, except for your run in with Usher #8... yikes... she looks scary!