Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Barnums and Montoyas hit the slopes...

Jordan posing in the same jacket that so many have posed in before! haha
Getting ready to hit the slopes. The kids have been asking to go to the snow forever! We made a last minute decision to go this weekend and took the kids out of school on Friday. It was such a good day. Actually a little bit warm and no rain or snow. It started out just to go to Leland Meadows snow park, but when we could not find any snow boots for the kids for less than $30 each. We looked into Dodge Ridge prices. The kids lift tickets are pretty cheap and to rent gear at Heidi's ski shop on the way up the hill was very reasonable also. They get you on the adult tickets though...$60 for the day, so Tim was going to go and Deanna and I were going to watch and hunker down in the lodge. As we got to Heidi's we realized it wasn't a good idea to have Tim the only adult trying to teach all four kids. So Deanna rented skis and I was going to share with Alyssa who wears almost the same size shoes (hers are bigger) and the board would be fine. Then Deanna and I were going to get one ticket and trade jackets and split the day on the slopes. We chose skis for Drew since we thought it might be easier for him, but the older kids were set on snowboarding. They all did sooooo good! Drew took a really bad fall off the lift the first time, it was an intermediate chair and a little much for his first try, but he didn't give up and by the end of the day he was skiing straight down the hills with no poles and no falls even on his last few runs. Jordan Montoya actually caught on the fastest to the snowboarding and he too was going without falling on his last run of the day. Alyssa tried and almost got it, but was too fearful of the falling and the speed and gave up for the day. Jordan B. started out slow, getting really frustrated, and then just said screw it and went up the lift with Tim and came down all smiles as he was starting to get it also. He had a hard time keeping himself out of the ditches and little streams of the sides of the runs, but he did pretty good and really enjoyed it. Tim got right back into it after just a few falls. I think it has been about 10 years since I have gone and about 8 since Tim had. I used Alyssa's board and boots and went after lunch. Deanna and I weren't planning on going at all so I was in my jeans! So if anyone has ever gone with me to the snow they know I fall EVERY time getting off the lift and then am very conservative getting down the hill, going across the mountain instead of straight down. I did fall every time I got off the lift and I did have a wet bottom, but once I was on the hill I did alright and only fell like twice. Deanna was great on her skis like she never took a break. We had an awesome time and the kids already are trying to figure out when we could go again. Saturday we took them to Little Sweden to sled. That didn't last long as it was much colder, a little snow for about 5 minutes, but without snow boots their feet were frozen almost instantly. We headed back to clean the cabin and then headed home. So fun that the kids are at such great ages for this kind of stuff. Enjoy the pictures!

Jordan and Alyssa

Tim posing after a fall. :)
Jordan Montoya getting the hang of it.
That's Deanna and Drew learning on the bunny hill.
Alyssa making her way down the bunny slopes.
Bubba, he was a little disappointed at first that we made him ski, but once he was doing better than the older kids he was much happier. Now he wants his own skis for Christmas! hehe
Tim and the Jordan's' on the way up the hill for their first try.
Tim and Alyssa on her first go at it.
Alyssa and Deanna

Jordan M.
Drew taking a spill.
Drew making his way down, while he was still slow enough for me to take a picture.
Jordan...smiling because he is starting to get it!
The boys and I on the bunny hill. It was cool that I could walk up the bunny slopes with them while they were trying to learn without a lift ticket and got a few pictures before they took off on the big hills.
The boys~
Our family~

Jordan and his best friend Jordan

Jordan and I~

Deanna and I
The Montoya's...Norm had to coach for Chabot Baseball and couldn't make it this time.
Tim and his straight down the hill partner! They were a cute pair for the last half of the day.
There next to the orange sled is Drew. :)
Cute little snowman, wasn't ours but it was cute.
That little speck of orange on the hill is Jordan B.
And this orange speck to the right is Jordan B falling off the sled.

Leave it to Alyssa to sit on the sled and make it all the way to the bottom of the hill without falling off! Such a lady. We definitely have created some monsters! All the kids have talked about is when can we go again. Mission accomplished...the kids had fun and so did we.


jaime said...

Sooo fun! Sounds like everyone had a blast! Had to laugh about your "wet bottom" Karen... way to tough it out! haha! :) John wants to teach Tyler too, but with his shoulder, that will have to wait till next year! It's been so long for me too... he may have to reteach me at the same time! :)

marybarnum said...

Great pictures! I love the family picture....I want a cute! Thank you for the updated's fun seeing all the pictures. What a fun family activity! I'm so glad you had such a fun time! I like the warm lodge or the warm cabin! The boys are at such a fun age!

John said...

marybarnum sure loves her exclamation point!

Barnum Boys, Oh Yeah, and Karen said...

I have never tried to have a picture at the top of the blog. So I have NO IDEA why it is ENORMOUS?! What the heck? Hope you love looking at us CLOSE UP! :)

marybarnum said...

John....I only have TWO WORDS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

of course they are

love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!