Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I don't normally do this type of blogging.....but this is really bothering me. How is it that Jordan came home from school the other day and told me that they are no longer aloud to wear their hoods on their sweatshirts or beanies on their heads because it is gang type behavior! Are you kidding me?! Do we really have gang activity at the school? Do we really need to enforce this type of stuff on our K-6 students? I was furious all weekend thinking about it. Not only is it insane to not allow anything to keep their heads warm, this is winter even though we are in California, but we were never notified of any dress code changes! I thought a lot about it and then called the principal today to schedule a meeting. She asked what it was about and I said the "new rule about not allowing the children to wear hoods or beanies." She said in a snotting way" it is not new but anyways when do you want to come?" I really am going to have to be good tomorrow when I go at lunch to meet with her!That nasty woman does not scare me! Maybe when your 7 or even 11, but not me. I say bring it on! I even contacted the district office today to let them know of my meeting and to verify if it was a school rule or a district rule. It is apparently up to the school to enforce stricter rules if there is a problem in the school, but if you've ever seen the school you'd know it is not an issue. We have a very high population of Mormons at the school, along with a high population of Indians at the school, who most of which are stay at home moms and constantly volunteering. It is not a low income neighborhood or school where some of those things are more of a problem. Well enough. I will be in the principals office tomorrow, not because of bad behavior thank goodness, but because of an insane rule that I can not tolerate! Wow what is coming of this world that our children are not allowed to keep warm!!


Sarah Junsay said...

You go Karen! Way to be heard!! You'll have to post tomorrow and report on your meeting with the principal.

I guess you'll have to grow your kids hair out just to keep their heads warm!!!

marybarnum said...

Go girl...I laughed out loud reading your blog...I love your sassy! We have the same rule at our high school. We don't have a lot of problems but it's way to ID the kids and outsiders. We have school beanies and school sweatshirts and hats that they can buy and wear. I think it's great that you're meeting with her. I'm with Sarah...please keep us posted.. Good Luck:)

jaime said...

Go Karen Go!!! Let em have it!! :)