Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meeting with the principal....

So I met with the principal this week to discuss the ridiculous rule that the students were not allowed to wear hoods. I of course did my homework and first checked the parent handbook from the first day of school and then called the district office to find out whether it was a district rule that I was unaware of. I spoke to somebody there and there was no such rule, but since I had called in it was policy for them to send an e-mail to the principal alerting her of my concerns and then if I didn't get anywhere with her I was to call them back for an official complaint.
Mrs. Schmidt is her name, and when I arrived with my handbook in my purse and ready to let her have a piece of my mind....suddenly she had this phony smile on her face and she sat and shook her head to everything I said! How annoying is that. She said she had never made up such a rule and that they are allowed to wear hoods, even though when I called to make the appointment with her she said it" was not a new rule but anyways.. what time do you want to come?"So it was a not new rule yesterday and today it is not a rule!? She said there is no gang problem and that she had to ask some boys at lunch last week to remove their hoods because they were sitting on the bench with their hoods on and they looked like they were hiding. I asked her hiding from what? She didn't know what to say. She then went on to say it was too warm for the hoods. I told her if I'm not mistaking it was cold and foggy last week right? I told her it was unacceptable to not allow the hoods or it if it needed to be a certain color hood we should be notified in writing of any dress code changes according to the handbook! She again said she never said it was a rule but said she told the teachers to tell the students not to wear them. I think she was contradicting herself?
So I made it clear that she needs to make a new announcement that it IS OK to wear hoods when it is cold, and it needed to come from her or the teachers soon since it is winter. She then said no problem we will do that and sent me on my way! What a waste of energy on her part to try and do such a ridiculous thing without thinking that somebody would have a problem with it. What next, no umbrellas in the rain because it could be used to hurt somebody? To this day there has been no such announcement per the parents and students that I have seen since Wednesdays meeting, so I guess I give her until this Friday when I'm off to go visit again. Let's worry about more important things like we need more tutoring!

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marybarnum said...

Way to go girl....I'm sure alot of parents are happy that you're speaking up. You'll make a great PTA president! I think staying involved with the school is really a good thing! Thanks for the update! We're excited to see you guys this weekend:)