Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family comes to visit!

Jordan on the way home from Sky High!
Drew sleeping on the way home from Sky High!
Tim, Lily and Jordan
Cool jump Jordan, right out of the picture!

John holding his neck after his first jump:)

Good job Bubba!

These were the designated babysitters! Or maybe they were the couch sitters?! Gotta love 'em.

Maddox just being cute.

Jaime and I. I think the only place we've ever gotten any pictures of us is at Ice Creamery!? That's just wrong. We do other things too. Jaime do you have the proof we were at Sky High?

My hubby, John and Jaime looking cute. :)

Trying to get Graydon to smile.

Wrestle Mania Part I.
Wrestle Mania Part II.

Trying to get these guys to stop for a picture wasn't easy.

Lily showing off her new Tinkerbell earrings.

They don't look awkward at all!
Graydon showing off his pictures Drew helped him print on the computer.
Just chillin', thinking of you Marylynn. That's why Joe's holding the burp rag. He missed you.:)
It was good to see everyone. Just sucks that we don't have more space to all fit in. Tight quarters make it hard on the kids. They had fun, minus only about two accidents though. Thanks everyone. We missed the Hess' and the Jacobs' though.


Katie May said...

Too many things to say!! How cute is Jordan?? And Drew cracks me up! That kid can fall asleep anywhere. And I just about died laughing when I saw that picture of you and Jaime! It's true: you two really only have pictures at the ice creamery!! And yes, we missed you all too! :( Glad it was fun and thanks for posting.

Sarah Junsay said...

I only have pictures of me when I'm holding Maddox, so you just need to hold him more! Maybe if mom & dad ever post, we'll see more pictures of everyone!! We had so much fun with you guys. Sorry Gray was so sick...what a party-pooper!

marybarnum said...

Thank you...thank you...for posting AGAIN...that very flattering picture of Don &'s a good thing I have high self-esteem for NO apparent reason!! Love the post.cute pictures ..I want to go to sky high...can we go next looks fun! We love coming to your house because you always make us feel so welcomed!

jaime said...

I will think I do have proof that we do other things besides eat ice cream!! I will get my pics up soon! :)

love from your "twin"/sista from anotha motha :) the "christine miller" thing is just too much of a coincidence... don't you think?! :)