Monday, January 26, 2009

Jordan's first West Coast Hurricanes Game

The tournament was held at this place in Manteca called Big League Dreams. It was great. There are fake fans in the outfield and the fields are replicas of some of the major league fields. The infield is turf and the outfield is real grass. Look at the pictures closely for the fans. Oh yeah and they have real stadium seats for the real fans! Awesome. For the kids not playing they have a great playground, batting cages, and even a indoor soccer facility, a fairly decent snack bar(with not so decent prices) indoors with heat, and AC, a bar, and each of the fields can be seen from inside. Very good idea considering the heat in Manteca and for this weekend the cold in Manteca. My mom and sisters came to watch the game. Kiana and Drew played at the playground all day and the arcade. I know they were wasting every bit of change we gave them on those stupid claw things that nobody ever wins! (except for the little girl who crawled into one, did you see that?!)
All but Jordan went and had lunch at Chili's and we had a great day together. Thanks for coming and cheering on my little slugger. :) Jordan's coach has set up a blog for the team and he has done some really good posts. We've added it to our family list on the side, check it out when you have time. He actually re-enacted the whole first tournament. The Hurricanes played some really good games for their first time ever playing together. They won the first game 12-6 and then they played a team from Nevada, they lost the first game by a bock, which totally sucked because we were tied up at the time, and then they played them the next morning at 8am, it was freezing, and they were close again, 7-5 Nevada Outlaws, and we ran out of time and they called the game!! We later found out they are the best team in Nevada and have never lost a game. Man do we want to play them again in a couple of months.

Jordan was the lead off hitter for the first game and he got a base hit! WooHoo! Go #23!

Jordan, Jordan, he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can! I don't really cheer like this for him at the game so just want to say it now. He'd kill me. :)

Looking for his sign.....

Jordan and CK team captains at the beginning of the game for the toss.

Just warming up for game two....


Sarah Junsay said...

First, I love the look on your mom's face in the first picture...cracks me up!

Second, I think you should cheer for Jordan like that. He seems to really like it when I do it for him!

marybarnum said...

The pictures are great...I want to go to his games. Does he play on Feb. 14th? We're going to go see Jonah play basketball and then we're free. I'm sure your mom was having fun...Sarah...stop picking on her!! :)

jaime said...

That looks like sooo much fun! Wish we could've seen it! The field is beautiful and I'm sure Jordan played awesome!! :)

And I'm with Marybarnum... I'd love to come see a game!

Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!! :)