Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jordan's Final Football Game

Jordan had his last game and they won the championship. These kids some of them have been on the team for three years have won every year for the past three years so they were very happy to carry on the title. Jordan had a great year. He was definitely the little guy maybe only two kids smaller than him, but he held his ground most of the time. There were a few time I saw him get flattened as if he were invisible, but he had fun and how lucky he's been in his sports to have always at least gone to the championship and taken it or came in second for all years baseball and football. It hopefully makes it more fun for him. How 'bout them niners!
This is Jordan on the very bottom of the picture, #20.

So.... now baseball has begun. Jordan is going to play travel ball this year. He is going to play for a guy who coached him on an All-Star team when he was seven, Ron Nelson. He has several of the kids from that team 4 years ago actually. They are the Hurricanes. Ron actually started a blog for them so if it is anything interesting I'll post the link.


jaime said...

You are such an awesome athlete, Jordan! Wish we could see you play more, but we'll settle for pics on the blog. Just remember you have a big cheering section here in PA too!! :) Go Hurricanes!!

Katie May said...

I'm with Jaime! Go Hurricanes!

sarahbarah said...

Gooo Jordan! Way to drink & eat your snack!! You're so awesome!!
(shouted loudly from your fun auntie!)