Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday for Drew and Graydon at Ice Creamery

So, I forgot my camera in the car at the ice creamery, but thank you Mom and Dad for treated us all to dinner. I love that ice cream luckily you don't live closer or we might eat there more often! Here are the "Super Dorks" and Maddox. Let me explain somebody showed Jordan how to make these as he calls them "gangster S's", and then he taught Drew. Now they make them all over everything because they think it's so cool. So first Drew had Jordan make one on his back, then Drew did one on Jonah's back, then they asked Graydon if he wanted one too, and of course he did. Drew made one on his back too. Then they came up with this idea that it stood for Super Dorks and they flew around the house like superman for a while following each other and giggling. Such cheap entertainment.


Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking my boys for the day. They had fun being with everyone and hanging out.


jaime said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday to the Super Dorks!... I mean, Drew and Graydon! :) Hope you both had a great day!! We love you!!

marybarnum said...

We had so much for with the five grandson's! Lively! We love Ice Creamery....we looked on Google who else makes toasted almond ice cream and it said...Hershey Park in PA...right across from Katie & Clayton! We have a new east coast tradition! Well...we always go anyways...we love the chocolate! Thanks for letting have the boys...we love them...they make us laugh! Lots of FUN!!

sarahbarah said...

I love the super dorks! It took 3 washes to get it off their backs. Jonah had it on his arm and transferred it to Dad's new shirt...oopps! Oh well.