Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kalei Aolani Kainoa 8lbs 5oz, 21 1/4"...

Kalei was born on November 4th, one day after her due date.Lisa was induced on everything went much smoother than with Kiana.Kiana is very proud of the fact that according to her "she looks just like me!" She is so pretty and apparently she still has dark grey eyes, so maybe they'll stick, who knows. We are just happy to have another cute baby in the family! Drew, Jordan, Kiana and Kalei.
Drew acted like he couldn't wait to go see the baby, and then when we arrived at Lisa's Kiana passed the baby off to Tim and him and Kiana ran upstairs. I don't even know if he actually looked at her!

Kiana and her baby sister Kalei.

I don't know for sure but I think Kiana likes her sister.

Here are Kiana and Drew posing upstairs.

Kalei, isn't she cute!!

We caught her smiling in her sleep. She basically slept the time we were there with the exception of one feeding.

Kalei is out for the count.

Tim grabbed the baby as soon as we walked in and before I could even put my purse down.

Jordan actually really enjoys being a big cousin and loves all the little ones. He held her for a while before he gave her up for food.


marybarnum said...

The baby is so cute...I'm happy for their family! I love the pictures...thank you for the post!Jordan is like Tim and me...we like the babies!

The Kainoas said...

Hey! You got some great pics of our beautiful children! (Sorry, no modesty when it comes to my family!) Maybe it will inspire me to put a new post to my own blog. Mary got Christmas up before you! :)Lisa