Sunday, July 6, 2008

Before you see the swim club,here is our old club....

Club Dalton Common!

Several weeks ago we had a pretty severe heat wave with temps around 100 degrees! Deanna and I felt so bad for the kids they were melting. We went to Rite Aid and bought this pool that as you can see is only knee deep for most of the kids. We thought forget about the homeowners association and used three hoses to fill it up. The kids obviously really couldn't swim in it so they ran from several feet away and jumped in, or slid in. They loved it, and we did get a warning the first time we set it up on our side. So the next few times we did it on Deanna's side. No tattle-tell (is that the correct spelling?) neighbors there, since she hasn't had a warning. So anyways now you see why we are excited to have the pool membership finally. Although all the kids in the Dalton Common hood were very excited about this pool, we may have retired it.

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marybarnum said...

Bad neighbor's ...boys will be boys in the Hot summer! We went in our pool yesterday...sooo nice! Glad you joined the swim guys are fun parents!