Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had been so undecisive about what to do for the 4th. We didn't really want to go anywhere, so we ended up heading to the swim club. It was insane! I guess being "rookies" we didn't know what we were getting into. The pool was open and free to the whole neighborhood and they had their own parade where they decorate bikes,cars, dogs whatever they could and they vote on the best. Then the pool had besides tons of people, music, and some competitions. Anyways we were shocked by the crowd, and pulled up a small piece of grass and swam for a little. Then at night we headed to Norm's mom's house in Newark.(Fremont doesn't allow fireworks) We had made such last minute plans that we got our fireworks at 8:45pm. The good news is they were ready to wheel and deal to get rid of them. We had fun doing them and watching all the illegal ones around us! Happy 4th to you all.

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marybarnum said...

Thank you for the seeing the boys play ball and fireworks were always a boys loved FIRE! Keep posting I really enjoy looking at the pictures!