Sunday, July 13, 2008

We've been doing a little swimming lately....

Jordan is a flippin' machine off the diving board, he can just go and go and go!

This was Drew's first day going off the diving board. He had a near drowning experience at Jordan's baseball party, and now after just one week he can go in the 9 feet. Yeah Drew! (About the drowning part, he went in the 3 feet and then wondered into the deeper area and basically panicked and didn't even try to walk back to the 3 feet, so he was plucked by some adult near by that I asked to pull him closer to me. I wasn't in or even wearing my suit!) Now he is doing so well on his own and his lessons don't start until early August. Jordan will start his next Monday just a breather class.

Drew is practicing his Kung Fu Panda moves.
You know that one had to hurt!
This is Jordan's impression of Michael Jordan.

The pool is so much fun. I always think while we are there about the Barnum's swim club, South Gate. As of yesterday they even added the adult swim! I wasn't even part of the family, but did spend some time there with Tim, Teri and Sarah . What fun memories. You forget until you are there how nice it is to sit in the sun and listen to all the children play and the splashes, and laughter. Well worth the money spent even after only a week. Come swim with us if you are in town!


jaime said...

That looks like soooo much fun! Glad you guys are enjoying it!
Wish we could come swim with you! Maybe next year! :)

jaime said...

oh yeah... and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
Hope you have a great day together! :)

marybarnum said...

Great pictures...I just talked to Jordan & Drew...they said they loved the swim club--I want to come...such HAPPY memories of the swim club with my family! Happy Anniversary Karen & Tim...we love you both!