Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wiped Out!

Drew started playing baseball this year with the 7 and 8 year olds in the Micro division. Today we started out with breakfast at IHOP and then ran some errands, then on to his 2-4pm practice. He is trying so hard to do well and today was very nice but windy outside. When we got home he took off his cleats, had two pieces of pizza and layed by the back door and crashed!! So typical of Drew to just sleep wherever and whenever he is tired!! He is so funny. Right next to all our shoes and right in front of the door. I told Tim he was like a cat laying in the sun! I miss Onyx! But Drew is way cuter. Anyways he is doing so good. It seems as if he'll be playing second base and is having no problems keeping up with these boys. So proud of him. We will be sending out game schedules later this week in an e-mail for all of those of you who are interested and have a few hours to spare on a Saturday.


jaime said...

Drew is so funny!... I still laugh about him sleeping under the stairs when we were out! Please tell him we're proud of how well he's doing in baseball... that's awesome! Wish we could make it to a game!!

marybarnum said...

Drew makes me laugh!! What a fun boy! I think we're coming on April 17th to see the boys play ball! I enjoy your blog...keep the pictures coming...grandma fix!