Sunday, March 2, 2008

My 32nd Birthday!!

For my birthday my mom bought me a new mixer, and a cool new toaster, and Tim and the boys gave me the new matching coffee pot! Aren't they pretty. The sad part is that my birthday was January 31st and I am just now posting this. We haven't really even celebrated though, which is fine by me with everyone especially Tim being so sick we didn't even leave the house for so long! But thanks mom for the mixer and toaster I love the way they look, I wish I could leave it out just to see them. Funny what we get excited about as we get older. I also received Grease 1 and 2 and the original soundtrack from Shelly. Thanks Shelly. Jordan says that he wants to watch it with me since it is my favorite movie he wants to know what it is about. He's so funny.

Well with my other birthday funds I am working on redecorating our bedroom, Tim must have been sick when he agreed to having PINK!! Well black, white and pink (maybe more magenta). Anyways I am holding him to it and planning on painting in the next couple of months around baseball and work. More pictures to come. (Even though I know it will be a while) Thanks for checking on us on the blog and enough rambling!!

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