Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've Been TAGGED!!

So I've been tagged! I've never been one to play these types of answer a million questions and send around to a million people but this will be a first.

20 years ago..... I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Barnard White Middle in Union City. I was really into my hair!! It was the cool thing to have big pumped up bangs then. Oh my gosh , god forbid we have a power outage and we were unable to use the blow dryer to get our bangs to stick straight off the top of our heads!! And I remember wearing these stretch pants that cost maybe $7 at this little store where you bought hair accesscories and makeup, and cool pants!! We also were into wearing two different color socks and layering them. Those were the days of lots of green and blue eye makeup also. I know in my school picture I had on a teal shirt, big hair and lots of teal eyeliner. :)

10 years ago.....Tim and I were living in our Castro Valley apartment and Jordan was just a couple of months old. He was so colic (sp?) and cried for hours at a time, starting at about 7pm until about 2-3am! We had to put him in his swing on high and bundle him up because he would go so fast his hands would get cold!! No joke. I was working for Dr. Vogel and Tim was at Ron Goode Toyota. Tammy was living with us too.

5 years ago.....Tim and I had just moved out of my Mom's condo and into our current one. Jordan was 5 years old and Drew was 1 and a half. Jordan loved to go out and ride his bike around the condos, and Drew was a cute happy little toddler. I really don't remember this year very well, I know that Jordan started kindergarten in the fall?! Oh well.

3 years ago.....Jordan was in the second grade, Drew was then 3 and again I don't remember much else except that was the year Jordan started to play baseball. He was 7 and it was his first year, he played on the A's he did really well and was named MVP. This is when we met some really nice friends that we still have today in the "sports circle". That's all folks!

1 year ago..... Drew was in kindergarten, Jordan was in the 3rd grade, Tim was still working at Costco until about June, and me I was still with Dr. Vogel. This is becoming a very boring blog. SORRY Jaime, I tried. Drew played his first year of baseball and was on the Red Sox. Jordan played on the Giants for baseball and the Colts for football. They are always fun times, I'm just at a loss for words I guess. Tim then started his new job at Walters and Wolf, I got my van, and I was still working for Dr. Vogel. :)

So far this year..... This year started off fun with the kids new Guitar Hero game and the neighbors Wii on new years eve. I fell down bowling and I swear my knee hasn't been the same since. I had a birthday, Tim was really sick for what seemed like forever, the kids are doing well in school and sports. We are planning on going to Disneyland for Mary's birthday in May, Jordan was there when he was 4 and I was prego with Drew, so he has never been. I am way excited because I know now that they both like rides and roller coasters unlike Tim, so I am looking forward to that trip. I also am hoping to take a trip just Tim and I to Las Vegas and maybe if we get super lucky on the timing catch a UFC fight live!! That would be sooo fun! I am planning on some painting for my room, and a little remodel for the boys. I am going to get them new bunkbeds soon, twin/full, and then new bedding. Tim has been taking care of a bunch of little chores around the house that we've been putting off so that feels good. We have also decide that we should start going out for Sunday breakfast a couple times a month. We went to IHOP last Sunday and we all enjoyed it and it got our day started so early. And I almost forgot Jeff is getting married in August! My sister-n-law Sarah is expecting her third child and my sister Lisa is expecting her second child just a couple of months apart. We are going to have so many nieces and nephews!! So fun. I have been given a promotion at work that will be good for us, and good for some change in my life. Tim's job is going well and they'd like him to start moving out to the field soon too. All good news. This year is looking good.

Yesterday.... I did laundry, cleaned house, went to Drew's baseball practice and did more laundry.

Today.... I did laundry, ran a couple of errands, went to watch a baseball scrimmage for Jordan M. and made dinner, folded a lot of laundry and have been on the computer.

Tomorrow..... I will go to work, and then meet Tim and the boys at the baseball field. Just another day.


marybarnum said...

Great all the news..we changed the date we're coming to April 5th for the baseball this ok with you guys? Let us know!

sarahbarah said...

Lisa is pregnant? I WANT DETAILS!!

Karen, your life is what mine will be next year! I love it how it's morphed into what your kids are doing! The calling of motherhood! What a joy! I'm excited to go to Disneyland with you guys!

jaime said...

Hey Karen! Thanks for doing the tag... I know it takes forever! It's fun for everyone else to read though! And you fell bowling? Ouch!! My friend fell once and landed right in the gutter... totally funny... she never really lived it down! Hope yours wasn't quite so embarrassing! :) Have fun at Disneyland in May!!

Finn said...

Karen,you did the tag. I'm so glad you did. It took me forever to finish mine. I love hearing little details in your life. Seriously we are HUGE fans of the Guitar Hero. We have Guitar Hero wars with our buddies. Tyler is really good, I suck but owell. Tell Jordan and Drew that I love them and I miss them. Tell Tim-o-Tay that my heart yearns for him!!??

marybarnum said...

I'm way excited that Lisa is pregnant...I'm with Sarah...we want details...tell her we're so happy for them!