Saturday, March 29, 2008


Jordan and I went on a field trip to Alcatraz with his class on March 7th. I've been before but it is always a fun trip to take. Jordan was sooo excited to go he had been really looking forward to it for weeks. Tim and I watch this program sometimes about prisons and he had just seen one with us about San Quentin right before we went, I think he was most surprised by the strip searches that included all aspects of your privacy being invaded!! Gross, who wants that job anyways. Well we had a great day the weather was amazingly clear and very comfortable with just a sweatshirt. Here are a few pictures. Check out Jordan's sweatshirt if you can read it. :)

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marybarnum said...

I love these pictures...funny sweatshirt Jordan...Alcatraz psycho..I can't read the rest...what is it?? you remember we all went after Matt's mission..and Tim treated everyone! What a fun day!