Monday, December 3, 2007

The Girls

My friends Tammy and Teri came down to visit from the Sacramento area on Saturday. It was somewhat of a last minute plan, but it worked out that we were all able to get together for a couple of hours and go out to lunch. Tim was the only hubby who was there, he had planned to go to a football game but hung out with us instead. Jason met up with us later. Teri is expecting her first son in March, yeah! We love the children for keeping us young. Although I'm not sure wether it is the children or the husbands,but every time we get together we end up having some pretty big ball fights or nerf ball gun wars, or dodge ball, so this was a pretty tame visit for us. We still feel like we are 19 and MAYBE even act like we are 19 every now and then! Sometimes I wonder if the kids think that they have the coolest parents ever or the craziest parents ever!? Someday I'm sure they'll let us know. We had a great day and loved seeing everyone. Love you all.

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Katie May said...

Teri doesn't even look pregnant! Wow! You guys look like you had fun. Tim's such a stud for hanging out with you guys!