Monday, December 3, 2007

Drew's 6th Birthday Party at Kids Castle

Drew wanted so bad to have his party at Kids Castle. It is not my place of choice,but Tim convinced me that it was the right thing to do. So we had a wild party to say the least. The kids loved it. They were all sweaty and they all had dirty feet and or socks by the end of the night. He loved it. We all had card board pizza and yummy cupcakes (they really were yummy they were funfetti) and reminded ourselves that it was all for the love of Drew! Thanks for suffering, Oh I mean thanks for coming everyone! (It wasn't all bad just the little girls dressed like prostitutes and the bad music from the live one man band!)


Lisa said...

Don't be a hater Karen! You know you were jealous of the one man bands' skills! Can you say you've made someone's ears bleed? Cause he can!

Katie May said...

Sarah told me about all the skanky girls! All for the love of Drew...awesome. Wish we could have been there. :(