Sunday, July 5, 2009


Drew after two games Sunday, chillaxin'. They went to the championship game and came in second. Jordan after his two games today. PASSED OUT!! (We did get home at 12:00am and he had to get up at 7:00am)

Drew's All Star Team

Drew and his buddy Mateo. They were the only seven year olds to make the team. Good job boys!

Jordan's team picture, we took a few weeks ago.

Jordan at second base this morning. With both boys playing Tim and I had to split up. I went to Jordan's first game and Drew's second game and Tim went to Drew's first game and Jordan's second. It's crazy but still so much fun.
Jordan....we are so far away at their games that I can barley see him.

After one long weekend of baseball, hanging out with friends, fireworks, a sleepover and lots more baseball I am glad to be home and relaxing this Sunday evening.


marybarnum said...

We're bummed that we haven't seen the boys play ball this year! Congratulations to Drew for making the All-star team! We hope we get to see Jordan play down here! The boys are so cute and funny...just like their parents!

Katie May said...

I miss those boys! I loved talking to Jordan a few weeks ago. He cracks me up! I wish I could have been there to cheer them on.

p.s. Tim is ALWAYS red after he's in the sun!!