Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July!

The boys hanging out.
Drew sportin' a glow in the dark earring.

More of the boys.....

The spectators trying to stay warm.

Brian helping Drew to light his first firework. Afterwards he lectured him on how he could only do this with the help of an adult.
Jordan's Michael Jackson impression. He was dancing all over the place. That is one thing he definitely takes after Tim, his love of music. I don't know who sings anything and can never come up with any title of a song if asked, them on the other hand can tell you all about it.
Daddy and Drew. Daddy looking a little red after a day two at the baseball field.
Alyssa and Grandma Patsy.
Joanne, Andrea, Jordan, and Deanna
Me and the boys, silly as usual.
Alyssa, Brian and Brianne.

Why do fireworks always turn out so crappy in pictures.


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marybarnum said...

Great pictures...looked like you guys had a great time. We went to the Angels game Friday night for dad's present from all of you! They lost but we had a GREAT time and saw GREAT fireworks plus a military fly over...that was way cool!