Monday, June 1, 2009


He's got the target lined up. I think the first time he tried he maybe hit it like four out of forty times.

These are the safety glasses that they must wear! They fall off if they look down at all.

For Jordan's birthday this year we were trying to plan something out of our house. The boys are getting to big and rowdy for this small place! To date we have yet to have a celebration! Poor Jordan, poor planning on a birthday for sure! He is so good, he totally understands and is like whenever. He did get birthday money and gifts from us. He just spent his birthday money on Mother's Day. I got to choose what to do, and I chose to go to breakfast and then to the San Jose Flea Market. I know that's weird, but I wanted to do something different. So Jordan finally spent most of his birthday money. Here is his new toy! This is his new P-90 sub machine gun. I have no idea what that means but that's what they tell me, he was way happy to have it. It is a air soft gun. So similar to a BB gun but with plastic little balls that shoot out. I can't believe I even ok'd this buy. He's growing up. :( Anyways thanks to anyone who may have contributed to his gift. And don't mess with us now, WE'RE ARMED!! I actually wanted to use it on a crow outside my window the other day who squawked for like an hour at 6:30 am!

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jaime said...

I have a few rabbits that are eating my flowers, Jordan... I mean... be careful with that! :)