Monday, June 1, 2009

Tim's B-day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WE LOVE YOU! Trying to get a serious picture of these guys is crazy! Tim of course didn't really want to do much so we had an easy dinner at home and of course ICE CREAM!

This is just nasty! Drew had a chocalate syrup tongue! Looks like something not good though.

Gotta love my boys, all three of them. Love you babe, your the best husband, friend and Dad!


marybarnum said...

Mother of boys!'re doing a great job with all THREE of them!! Glad Tim had a nice birthday! cute pictures....we love your family! The boys make me laugh...super cute but really nice! We miss not seeing you guys...looking forward to June 27 unless you're coming my way sooner...which would be great!

jaime said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us Tim!!! :)