Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Pictures :)

So at 9:00 am on a Sunday, we all met at a park close to Lisa's house met for surprise family pictures for my mom this Christmas. A friend of Lisa's is starting a business and took them for us. Here are a few shots of everyone. Pretty good for the most part considering it was freezing cold outside and luckily the rain stayed away for the morning. Tim, Karen, Lisa, Kalei, Dave, Shelly, Jamal, Kristen and Gabe, Jordan, Drew and Kiana! :)

Shelly and her boys all grown up!

The grand kids.

Jordan playing on the playground waiting for one of his cousins to arrive. We won't mention which one. :)

Kiana also waiting...

And Drew, still waiting....

Lisa and her family.


And finally me and my sisters!

So, as I was trying to find frames for all of these shots, I realized that what would be even better than this, would be to have shots of all the Barnum side of the family to add to my hall way photos. Does this sound at all like Mary Barnum?! Well I would love to have a picture, even if it's just a snap shot of your families and then I can blow them up to 5x7 and complete my project. Anytime is good. Thanks! Love you all.


marybarnum said...

Wow've been so busy blogging....I love all the pictures..we had such a fun Christmas...thank you for everything....we love the family picture up on our wall! Good luck on getting pictures...I'm waiting for one myself :)

sarahbarah said...

Can you blow up the one I gave or is it too small? Like mom said, good luck! Love all the pictures of you guys! So cute!

jaime said...

First... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! Looks like you got some awesome gifts! Hope it was a fun one!!

And... I love all the pics Karen... they really turned out nice! Fun for me to see your side of the family! :)

I will get you a picture. We really do need to get a nice pic taken. It's about time!!! And, don't worry, Marybarnum will get one too! :)

Teri said...

Great Pictures!