Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Drew feeding Kalei her bottle. She's the center of attention these days at our gatherings. Lisa, Mom and Shelly, obviously not posing for the picture, just hanging out.

Kalei just looking at the world form her swing, or maybe at herself since there is a mirror on the bottom of her swing mobile. :) Isn't she cute? Oh and I wonder who bought her the cute t-shirt?(All my mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night)

Gabe and Kristen

Here Drew is laughing at the box of Boogers he got from his Grandma and Grandpa Barnum :)

Mom opening her family pictures from all of us.

And, Don and Mary opening their family picture.

My family generally has tried to take turns opening gifts so that everyone see what the others get and it makes it last longer too. But my Grandpa who just turned 86 never seems to get it and as soon as a gift is passed out to him by one of the kids he starts to open it. So he always seems to get to go first. Then he just keeps going, and going. This year was no different in that as soon as one gift was given to him, he opened it, but this year he missed a gift and ened up being the last person to finish!

Drew and Grandpa playing air hokey, I wonder who cheated? Oh I mean won?!

We had Christmas Eve at Dave and Lisa's house. It was fun, we all brought a little something, and ate and enjoyed each others company and ate some more of course. A little cookie here and little Sees candy there, hey it's the holidays right?! We had a great time, and were able to pull of the surprise of family pictures for my mom after all.

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