Friday, June 6, 2008


Thank goodness the boys have decided they like roller coasters! I love them. Below is Tim and Drew on Mohulland Madness! Look closely.

Hey Grandpa! Here we go! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was Tim's favorite ride can you tell?!

Grandpa is spinning their heads off on the tea cups. Jonah is in Jedi training, he was great!
Graydon is just chillin' at a safe distance from the Jedi training show.
This guy had some amazing makeup, but this was the picture I got of him.

Jordan is ready for a fast dark ride!
Auntie Shelly this one is for you! Drew's first time on Space Mountain! He did it.

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marybarnum said...

The pictures really tell the story who LOVED Disneyland! Fun pictures...I'm glad your boys love roller coasters and so does grandpa!!