Friday, June 6, 2008

Day Trip to Placerville

We took a day trip to Placerville for my cousin Megan's baby shower. The baby came early was born just days before her shower. He was small but healthy, and I brought my camera to take pictures of everyone including the new Mommy and I forgot to take any until the very end. We were all getting ready to leave and I realized I hadn't taken one picture. So here are the cousins after running around and exploring in Aunt Pam and Uncle Carl's back yard(forrest). Then Uncle Carl casually says you may want to wipe the kids down just in case they touched poisen oak!!AHH! We are such rookies to having trees and nature so close to us. Kiana, Jordan, Travis and Drew


marybarnum said...

Cute pictures of the boys...I love the post...thank you :)

jaime said...

Thanks for the update... I love all the pics! I need to follow your lead, Karen, and do some updating of my own!!