Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter 2009!

Kalei just chillin' in the house. Love how she wraps her toes around everything like a monkey!

Grandma just enjoying a sweet baby.
Great-Grandpa Fitzwater decided to buy the boys an electric scooter. So everyone tested it out. It is really fun and it goes pretty fast too! Shelly taking it for a spin. A slow spin, but a spin :)
Here is Kiana giving it her first try without a driver, that would be me. We first rode together she did the speed and I steered. Lisa is about to have a cow about right now!
Gabe's turn.

Jamal showing off!

Grandma and Kalei staying cool in the shade.
Drew taking his first ride.
Jordan likes it I think.

Jamal and Kalei, luckily she doesn't really have too much stranger anxiety yet! I think the hat would do her in. :)

Thank you Great- Grandpa Fitzwater!

And Drew says thanks too.
This is Drew's first look at the surprise.
Easter morning.....and yes he is running.

Luckily the laundry wasn't too bad! That's right, in the dirty hamper! If I were the Easter Bunny I would never put it there!

In the dishwasher?!

We had a great Easter! Thanks for everyone coming over.


Sarah Junsay said...

That scooter looks like so much fun. I rode one several years ago and I thought I was going to die!! I love Kalei's chubby cheeks too!!

jaime said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I love Jordan's big, yellow "helmet"! :)

marybarnum said...

Fun pictures! Thank you for posting....we had a fun day with the boys. Jordan is lucky you weren't taking pictures of him riding the scooter THIS last Sat.:) Jordan is so much fun...and fun to tease! love your family and thank you for hanging out with us...we missed not seeing Tim!