Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Firsts...First Day of 5th Grade, First Day of 2nd Grade and...first time Jordan went to Cal Bears Stadium!

Jordan was nice enough to bring his brother a poster too! Jordan started the 5th Grade!! I can't even believe it. Drew is a big second grader as of today.
The boys sported their new shoes today, they look the same but they really are different.I don't think that Jordan is really into matching with Drew these days.
Jordan also got a really fun opportunity today to go to a Cal Bears football practice and be on the field with the players. After their practice Jordan and his teammates were able to get autographs!! Here is his new prized possession!! He had a blast, got to talk with the strength and conditioning coach, the baseball coach, and one smart coach told him that the most important thing is to get good grades!! Jordan told him that he could get used to this school and he'd like to go there! Let's go CAL! I love that he was able to do this and that maybe it may motivate him especially being a new school year. Lucky kid. Now he's dying to go to a game, and Tim and I are with him on that we had so much fun last year.
Yeah I'm cool.

Bubba looking all perfect and stiff! What a funny kid. He makes me laugh.

Just a little brotherly love before our first day of school. :)


marybarnum said...

The boys are getting so fun for Jordan to go to Cal...I love the pictures. Do they like their new teachers? We're excited to see Jordan play football on the 20th.

jaime said...

Awesome pics guys! I like the "brotherly love" in the last one.. too funny! :) Hope you have a great year in school!

All the cousins are growing up so fast! Lily and Cricket will start school next year too!

Katie May said...

I've gotta say that the last picture is my favorite!

Thanks for posting new pictures of the boys. We miss them, so it's nice to see them. Especially since Jordan is getting so darn big! He'll be 11 in a few months and I was 13 when you had him!!!! Holy cow!