Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twain Harte, look out here we come....

We had to torture the kids with a family picture, it's tradition!

Here I said hey guys lets have a group hug! They all chose somebody to hug instead.

I think that Uncle Tim was a winner in Buster's book! I love this one.
This was a sneak attack picture of Gredtel since she doesn't like taking pictures.

Clayton and baby Mayzie! She was so good.


marybarnum said...

Karen and Drew you guys got some really cute pictures....I love your blog. We had so much fun with everyone...thank you soooo much for
we love you all! mom :)

jaime said...

LOVE all the pics Karen! Really makes us wish we could've been there! I might be biased a little, but don't we all just have the cutest kiddos? :) What a fun group of cousins!

Oh and I love the jetski! Very nice!! :)