Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter,Happy 35th & Happy 21st!

The kids dyed their Easter eggs after Grandpa's birthday party.

Gabe and Kristen got the kids all these great little gifts for Easter, Drew got fake poop,which was a huge hit and Jordan got fake body parts, check out this realistic tongue!
Happy birthday Lisa and Gabe!


jaime said...

Wow!... you guys have been busy!! Looks like lots of fun though!

ps.. I know what I'll be getting Drew for his birthday... a pooper-scooper and those scented trash baggies! Unless you house train him by then! :)

marybarnum said...

Drew you crack me up...what a funny kid! We're coming this weekend to come and see you both play baseball and also to have a party for Jonah...Ice Creamery here we come...grandpa will bring the we have a date?