Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Christmas Eve

Gabe and Kristen. Notice Drew's new art work on his arm thanks to his Daddy and Kiana's cool tattoo pens.

Grandpa never could wait his turn to open his gifts!

The boys wanted to do a gingerbread house really bad. So of course being in the Christmas spirit I bought a gingerbread house kit. They really didn't have too much interest in making the house and I was according to Tim getting out of the Christmas spirit with all the yelling "Don't bump the table!!" because the house kept falling. So finally Tim fixed it by putting a rubber band around the house and then putting the roof on. They quickly decorated it and then wanted to eat the candy. Wow a lot of work for a few little pieces of candy! But the good news is on Christmas eve when Drew and Kiana wanted to do her gingerbread house I was a pro. We made the icing very thick and I was way more experienced in house building, so we had no problems and no yelling :). So if you are wondering why Jordan was opening up food. We thought that it would be more fun to have Drew and Jordan open a bunch of gag gifts and then finally they would get the one big gift of the PS3 from everyone. So Auntie Lisa and Auntie Shelly arranged for a bunch of food and one ten dollar gift to be a little believable. They were good little boys and said thank you for every box of pies, pop tarts and candy they got. Then we all went around and everyone else finished their gifts. Then we let them know they had one more gift. The PS3 was the one and only real present of the night, but definitely went over well! Thanks everyone. Jordan was still pondering the food gifts later that night, I had to explain that they were just a joke, and the best part was Kiana kept saying" hey those are mine!!" for every box of snacks that were opened.

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marybarnum said...

How funny with the food...I love it...what a fun family!